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Aiseiri Productions is a company established to develop and preserve the Irish culture. We will present concerts and presentations of our Irish culture and in turn, people may become intrigued about there own heritage, let it be Irish or whatever it may be. Aiseiri productions will open the door to an Irish cultural and artistic emulsion that will deliver to its audience endless exploration and entertainment. “Aiseiri” is an old Irish word, when translated into English means “Revival”, which is the sole purpose of our company, to celebrate the old culture of Ireland.

Irish Culture, music, art, and heritage are all aspects of life that are even today under celebrated and for some people not even known. Aiseiri Productions will aim to fill this void, people are starting to become a little more interested with the age of information at our fingertips. Making it easier to search your genealogical past, with this research comes inquisitiveness; we plan to cater to those individuals. People wondering about there Irish heritage can come to our events and don’t need any kind of Irish cultural prerequisites. We present the information in a way that all people can understand and enjoy. In doing this people will become intrigued and want to become educated about there ancestry. Even for people who are not of Irish descent, they will see how much we enjoy celebrating our heritage and the depth and understanding that one can obtain by “knowing there roots” this will then motivate people to maybe research there heritage so they can celebrate it.

To implement this cultural rebirth, we will put on concerts of Irish music, song and dance. Irish festivals and cultural gatherings will be another means of spreading and celebrating the Irish culture. For the educational aspects of the culture we plan to, in the near future host lessons on traditional Irish instruments and Irish music. We will also one day return to Ireland to film documentaries and publish all the material we can for distribution. We will hold lectures and travel to schools to hold discussions as well. As time goes on we will be open to ideas that we may receive as well as endeavors and proposals that we will review and elaborate upon for future events.

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